Garden Party

Modern texture for the square BLOSSOMS

2 tier square:  with a special cake menu:

Top Tier cake:

Cake:  Vanilla Classic

Filling:  Chantilly Mousse 

Cake:  Chocolate

Filling:  Chocolate Fudge

Frosting:  Butter cream Hawaiian Vanilla Classic


Base Tier cake:  A Pina Colada cake!

Cake:  Pineapple

Filling:  Pineapple chunks

Cake:  Coconut

Filling:  Coconut Chantilly

Frosting:  Buttercream Coconut


Frosting Design: 

Stucco brushed around the sides of the cakes.


Floral Arrangement:

Cascading Tropical Orchids:  Purple Dendrodium and Cream Cymbidium orchids